Company history

The organization was founded by Mister Heinrich Müller in 1907.

Heinrich Müller was working in the two-men-factory of his father-in-law at manual turning lathes. When he met a salesman of cam-controlled automatic lathes which were brand new at that time, he ordered for his father-in-law a cam-controlled automatic lathe “brand Wuttig” at the price of 1,300 Reichsmark. Heinrich Müller did not dare telling it his father-in-law. His father-in-law fired him and the machine when the automatic lathe was delivered. This was the reason for the foundation of his own company.

The first order for the Wuttig automatic lathe was: one million brass buttons which were assembled at Varta battery torch lights for switching on and off.

The company survived hard times: the first world war, inflation, the second world war, monetary reform...

It exists an interesting statement from the first employee meeting after the second world war, made by Heinrich Müller. The machines were driven by leather transmission belts (instead of electric motors) at that time. During the meeting Heinrich Müller put off one shoe and showed the shoe sole to the employees and said: "Look, my shoe soles also have holes and I do not cut leather pieces out of the transmission belt. And this I demand from everybody as well. Anybody who is cutting the transmission belts is destroying our working basis and will be fired."

The financial accounting did his wife Margarete Müller. She had a positive attitude towards taxes. After good financial years she said: "We did very well last year, we paid high taxes."

The company was his company and was called like he. Not until the 31. March 1948 he established a general partnership. His wife and children Richard, Georg and Luise took holdings in the company as well.

Heinrich Müller died at October 1949.

From 1948 to 1967 his sons Richard and Georg were the CEOs of the company.

1967 the sons of Richard Müller (Lothar and Rainer) joined the OHG. In the seventies the OHG was reorganized (company split-up). A production ltd. was founded with Lothar and Rainer holding the stakes, and a GdbR – civil law association – which keeps the assets of the OHG (general partnership)

In 1974 a manufacturing facility was established in Cham Frühlingsstraße.

In 1989 Lothar and Rainer Müller splitted the company in two parts. Lothar took over the manufacturing facility “Wendelstein 2” and “Altdorf”. Rainer took over the head office in Cham.

From January 1990 to March 2004 Manfred Domani was the commercial executive.

As from 1995 forward, the company has been successful and the equity stake has increased up to over 60 %. Clear targets, clear structures and people-friendly leadership made the company successful.

In March 2004 Erwin Bucher was appointed as CEO.

Since 2010 the management of Müller Präzision consists of the CEO (Erwin Bucher) and three authorized representatives.

Rainer Müller and Manfred Domani are appointed to the administration board.