In the metal-processing industry we want to be an adequate supplier for the important, serving the peaceful use, lines of industry of the EU economy. Concerning the productivity we want to be “slightly” better than the average in this industrial sector (i.e. when this industrial sector increases at 2 % on average, we want to exceed this. Because, if we are better than the average competitors, we will gain more from the growing market). We want to achieve the performance by “sophisticated” cooperation. This is related to targets which are beyond the personal sphere of the concerned parties. The cooperation works precisely and customer-oriented. A culture of constructive controversy is necessary there. Constructive means the best way to the mutual target. It is not for the reason who is the best …..(idiot) and the word culture means it will be argued civilized (respecting her-/himself and the others). We want progress. This means we advocate and require the reasonable willingness to take risks. Everybody is entitled and obliged to make mistakes. Only three types are forbidden:

  • Repetitive errors
  • Levity errors
  • Errors which are covered for the disadvantage of the company and the staff

We assume a positive view of mankind and of the world (I am o.k., you are o.k.). We achieve by clear targets that every colleague is able to play a part individually. We provide operating figures openly, preferably at all process steps, to show the personnel whether they have contributed to profit or loss. We aim for decentralized teams, which reach many decisions themselves (e.g. the scheduling of shift-work and holidays, team quantity 7 colleagues up to 15 colleagues).

At managing our business, we stick to the rule when:
Tough on the issue
Soft on the person

So we want to create an environment where the whole person participates in the labour. The measurable target figure here is the rate of the realized KVPs (board of progress).
Our target here is > 200 KVPs per 100 members of staff per year.

This process is supported by the associates with a restrictive distribution of profit policy. In the following decade at every year of success more than the costs of depreciation will be therefore spent for investment and redemption payment. The property policy of the company as well creates conditions which allow expansion.

To support the leadership personalities in sophisticated management, unconventional advanced trainings are offered, e.g. mind-control to advocate the creativity or mental training with running over a burning fire to realize what releasing of restricting thoughts causes.

A permanent hygiene is applied as well: e.g. mental waste combustion or management reflection.

The management staffs fulfil their responsibility in achieving exemplary results at the three areas where the highest qualification is required.

  1. Selling (customer contact maintenance)
  2. Human resources development (leading of human beings)
  3. Professional project work (without external couch)

Workplaces which exist as department will be outsourced. The existing workplaces are ongoing at the team. This can be recognized by the qualitative and quantitative targets given and operating figures for the information of the involved people. Anyone who avoids to measure his/her performance openly with targets, has a special handling concerning the honesty at the consideration of his/her importance. In the global competition we do not have a job for people like that.

The company offers its human resources a profit participation, that exceeds the firmly agreed wages/salaries and is reliant on the extend of the success. The gain-sharing agreements are temporarily arranged and updated copies are consistently agreed.

The model (the perception) for the development of the company provides clarity about basic orders which are necessary in order that the personnel can contribute to the value-added chain as a whole human being.

Thus everybody gets the opportunity, to engage in the structure of a better world.