At more than hundred turning-mill centers we process every well-established material like steel and high-grade steel of different alloys as well as non-ferrous metal and alloy.

Within diameters that range from 4 to 250 mm and possible lengths up to 1000 mm we remove metal at bar stock, sawing pieces, cast and forge blanks on plain turning -, vertically -, single spindle -, twin spindle -, six spindle – and eight spindle automatic lathes. Our production volume includes quantities up to 30 Mio units.

We have decades of experience, know how and manufacturing with latest equipment.

Your enquiries are automatically checked whether the specifications and drawings are plausible or could be optimized. If possible we recommend more economical manufacturing methods and more applicable materials. For that purpose we would like to cooperate with your engineering department.

Additionally we offer – together with our qualified partners – all popular surface coatings, burring- and finishing techniques as well as heat treating processes.


Our special features:

  • Inside profiles, internal hexagon
  • Beveled cross-hole
  • Eccentric turning
  • Multi-sided turning
  • Thread rolling
  • Labeling
  • Y-axis


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